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Which of the four "clairs" is your top gift or strength?

Clairvoyance is spiritual sight or clear seeing.  If this is your gift, you are probably more of a naturally visual person and have an open third eye.  The third eye is in the middle of your forehead, between your two physical eyes and slightly above the natural eyebrows. You're at your best when enjoying artistic and creative activities.  When you are engaged in conversation with someone or brainstorming for ideas, you tend to see it all play out on the movie screen of your mind in pictures and symbols.

Clairaudience is clear hearing.  You might hear someone call your name and no one is physically there, or hear ethereal music.  Harsh sounds and loud noises are aggravating and you find you do your best in a quiet and peaceful environment.  When you hear messages that ask you to take positive action, it's important to listen to them.  Messages of urgency, such as for your safety, will be very loud and clear.  Pay attention.

Clairsentience is clear feeling.  You are sensitive to emotional and physical sensations and have what is termed "gut" feelings.  You may smell familiar scents like perfumes, flowers, or smoke connected to someone who has passed. You tend to be extra sensitive to energies, especially negative energies and feelings, making it very important to be discerning as to with whom and where you choose to spend time. Clairsentients tend to be "sponges" meaning they can easily be overloaded with a person's or place's toxic emotions and energy.  Everyone needs to set boundaries and a screen of energetic protection, but it is very important to the empath/clairsentient.

Claircognizance is clear knowing.  If you just happen to "know" things without knowing how you do, this may be your top strength or gift.  You have probably been called a "know it all" more than once in your life.  Claircognizants tend to ignore the information that comes in to them, thinking it's obvious to others as well.  This can sometimes lead to communication glitches because you just expect others to know what you know.  Share what you are thinking...most people aren't mind readers! You may also be missing out on opportunities for yourself, believing it is common knowledge and already out in the marketplace.  Take action!



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Angel Words......connecting with the Angels and Spirit, offering intuitive readings & mediumship

My name is Jeanette Stahl, and I welcome you to Angel Words, a place of inspiration, motivation, loving connection and clarity.   The Angels and Spirit are always with us offering guidance; but, sometimes we're too busy or distracted by the issue at hand to fully understand the message.

I can help you with that by connecting with the Angels, your spiritual guides and deceased loved ones, bringing forward clarity and understanding.


About Jeanette

I am an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD, well known author and angel expert. Those who have completed Dr. Virtue's certification work, may also call themselves an ANGEL THERAPIST®, and that is a term I prefer. I also work with many energy modalities, including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Quantum Healing. 

I am a Certified Spiritual Advisor with studies in Advanced Mediumship, achieving certification through Lisa Williams' International School of Spiritual Development in California. I connect with your deceased loved ones, helping to bring you peace and closure. I am a certified Hypnotherapist and especially enjoy Past Life Regression sessions. Teaching workshops, speaking engagements and other events are a personal passion, allowing me to spread the knowledge about the workings of Angels and Spirit in our lives.

Information from Spirit comes to me primarily through the gifts of writing, clairsentience and clairaudience.  I am an empath, meaning that Spirit impresses upon me a clear understanding of another's situation, their feelings or motives. This gift allows me to fully experience what another may be going through and helps me to support, spiritually counsel and guide them through the intuitive information I receive.

With clairaudience, I will hear Spirit speaking to me as I read or write for a client.  This gift allows me to deliver messages that are very validating for the client.  Very often, a client will say "Mom always said that!" or "Dad used to call me by that nickname!"  I am constantly amazed by Spirit and as excited as the person receiving the message.

With the gift of Angel Writing, I sit in a meditative state and hear information......clairaudiently.  I write the words out longhand, as I hear them.  Some of the messages are personal to me.  Others are intended for a larger audience.  I have a Facebook page entitled Angel Words and I do post the messages and inspirations on that page, so please take some time to view it.  If you have a comment or story to share, please do so!

I never forget how blessed I am to have this gift and I am so pleased to be of service.