Angel Words

I have consulted with Jeanette on several occasions for readings when I was in need of guidance due to my lack of clarity, spiritually. Without knowing full details of what I was going through and the crossroads in which I needed to make a decision, Jeanette was able to be a vessel of clarity with messages from my Angels and Spirit, and I am completely grateful. She connected with Spirit on a deep level and was able to give me the messages I was struggling to hear for myself. I am a Reiki Master and have been on a spiritual journey for the past 5 years, connecting with Spirit, but there were times the messages were clouded due to my emotions and blocking, and these were the times I turned to Jeanette who was able to be completely clear and open and receive the messages I was unable to.

She is an absolute blessing in my life and was able to put my mind at ease with her crystal clear guidance. I was able to make the decisions in my life that I needed, and they were made with confidence that have led me on a beautiful spiritual path. I am truly thankful to her for not judging me when I was in need and for her open heart and willingness to help me in my times of distress.

Jeanette has a beautiful gift connecting with the Angels and Spirit, and I would highly recommend a reading from her or taking any class she may be teaching. She is a wonderful soul who is able to connect on a higher level of consciousness and I am honored to know her and to have consulted with her. She will always hold a special place in my heart as a clear messenger for Spirit.....and true friendship.

Love and gratitude


Clients say........

·         "So honest and extremely intuitive. Spot on with issues involving my father-in-law. Check out Jeanette's Facebook page, Angel Words, for daily inspiration."   Jane M. K.                   

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     "I've had the pleasure of having Jeanette interpret several of my dreams. She is very intuitive and spot on in her interpretations. Her interpretations have helped me work through specific issues in my life especially dealing with a toxic relationship. Jeanette's compassion and sensitivity really shines through during her readings. She also gave me excellent advice safeguarding my home from negative energies. I will continue to seek Jeanette's guidance throughout my life."  Deborah B.


"I have known Jeanette for many years; she has done several readings for me. She has always been accurate and precise and very gifted in her ability to not only see your situation but to also guide you through it." Leslie S. W.


"Jeanette, thank you for the outstanding reading. You are worth every second of time. I really appreciate your kindness and willingness to help others that are derailed from their path. Hoping you continue what you do for people. Someone like you is special in this world.  Peace and Love"  Analynn M.


"Just wanted to thank you, Jeanette! Glad I came and did this. It was very beneficial."  Ken K.





In my journey along life's path, I have hit some brick walls and traveled some rocky roads. Many times I wasn't equipped to handle these hurdles. I would struggle and find myself in some dark places with feelings of hopelessness. One time in particular, it was especially true. Fortunately, at that time, my path crossed with Jeanette and little did I know that my life would change for the better.

Jeanette was willing to share her wisdom, knowledge and experiences with me. My situation at that time left me uncertain and frightened. Jeanette, ever so patiently, guided me to peace through her spirit, love through her compassion and wisdom through her experience. Through her guidance I found a place of light and hope. I was given tools for personal growth and her guidance would see me through the months ahead.

Six years have passed since that time. When I reflect over those years, I am grateful that I am no longer that insecure person. I am now confident in my choices, fear no longer holds a grip, and I am learning to trust once again.  Jeanette has indeed shown me that being open to all of what life has to offer was a decision I needed to make, to grab opportunity and take personal responsibility.

I'm grateful for the difficult times now, for as I learned through Jeanette, this is where we grow and from this growth, we teach others.